ICT and STEM Activities

ICT and STEM Curriculum

Technology advancements are revolutionizing every aspect of our lives. To thrive in the digital era people need to understand how to use various technologies effectively to acquire, analyze, communicate, and create information. The collection of TechnoKids and TechnoFuture technology projects form a computer curriculum that is designed to develop the skills students need today and provide a solid foundation that will guide them to future success.


TechnoKids and TechnoFuture technology projects blend ICT and STEM activities into the curriculum. Using a project-based framework, children develop technology literacy. The lessons make education fresh and exciting.

ICT Education and Project-Based Learning

Information communication technologies (ICT) can enhance education. The integration of technological tools and resources into the curriculum has been linked to improvements in student engagement, comprehension of content knowledge, and application of skills. TechnoKids and TechnoFuture blend ICT into the curriculum using project-based learning (PBL). This approach makes learning meaningful.

What is STEM ?

Over the past decade, you’ve probably heard the term “STEM” in conversations about education. In short, it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Taken together, these subjects are the foundations of fields from healthcare to computer programming and are a vital component of modern education. However, integrating these studies gives children skills useful in any subject, including critical thinking, inquiry, problem solving and creativity.

Why STEM ?

Learning STEM is perfectly suited to kids’ natural desires to explore, experiment and get a little messy. It promotes thinking outside the box, looking at challenges from different angles and rewriting the narrative on setbacks as an opportunity to learn something new. STEM fields are growing around the country and are responsible for some of the most exciting and game-changing discoveries of the 21st century. Getting kids engaged in STEM early on gives them the confidence to try new things, take risks, advocate for their education and participate in authentic learning just like scientists in the field.


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