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Thank you for your interest in BeDigital. We believe that this business opportunity is considered a gateway to better future for our kids and teens. Our goal is to prepare new generations that excel in the era of innovation and information technology. 

TECHNOFuture is the first academy in Egypt for the development of Arabs children and younger generations ( 3 -17 years) in the areas of programming, robotics, electronics, mechanics , engineering, mathematics , innovation and scientific research. The curriculum is project-based and aims to empower students to succeed and compete globally in light of the rapid evolution of technology and innovation in the world. Since the opening of the head quarter of TECHNOFuture in Egypt in 2006 and over the past few years, TECHNOFuture started more than ten branches in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and KSA with the aim to develop Arab students in each Arab country within the coming few years. Every year, our students in TECHNOFuture Egypt , Jordan and Lebanon participate in many national and international robotics competitions and science fairs and achieved outstanding results locally and globally.

All our resources are freely accessible online giving young people the chance to continue to learn Computer Science at their own pace from home and school.

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Phone: 02-26301891

Mobile: 01554343755


admin@bedigital-egypt.org |   Heliopolis Sporting Club, El Sherouk City, Egypt 11837

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