Early Engineers

Early Engineers Computer Projects (4 - 6)

Basic Stem L1 (Space)

Math Fun

WeDo Programming WeDo 2.0

Space WeDo is a course that can take you into outer space. Constructing and programming futuristic robot models is a great introduction to physics and astronomy. To further spark young imaginations. Satellite, Space shuttle, robotic arm, space shuttle, Curiosity rover, lander.

Human  Body

Biology- Experiments. word

Learn about human body parts, facial features, fingerprints, breathing, the senses, and food groups. Make experiments to explore heartbeats, sound memory, smell memory, body balance, and pulse. Finish the interesting activities using Ms. Word templates.

Using Lego pieces and cartoon stories, this program introduces basic math concepts to children and allows them to solve mathematical problems enthusiastically. The tool introduces and provides practice in core mathematical competencies such as reasoning, perseverance, precision, modeling, and representation through individual and team problem-solving experiences.

Little Engineers

Software: Circuit Wizard – Crocodile Physics. Word

In this project, kids will discover Engineering jobs, Mechanic, Electronic engineering, civil engineers and architects. Aiming to create a natural passion for engineering through hands-on activities and projects that kids accomplish for each engineering category. This competition develops kids learning and thinking skills and integrates technology into science.


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